SURPASS hiT 7300 Next-Generation Multi-Haul DWDM platform

SURPASS hiT 7300 The SURPASS hiT 7300 is a flexible and cost-efficient 40-channel DWDM transport platform that is optimized for high-capacity transport within regional and long-haul networks, and has an optional extension to 80 channels. It is designed and optimized for bit rates of 2.5 Gbit/s, 10 Gbit/s, and 40 Gbit/s per wavelength.
SURPASS hiT 7300 Key features:
  • Comprehensive automation of commissioning, service provisioning and software upgrading
  • Customized network configuration and operation (customizable parameters and GUI)
  • Up to 40 channels, with optional extension to 80 channels, with a maximum 1,600 km reach at up to 40 Gbit/s per channel
  • Full range of client interfaces enabling Ethernet (GE, 10GE), SAN, TDM and OTH services
  • SNMP and TL-1 management interfaces
  • Ultra-flexible solutions for OADM, ROADM and PXC
  • OMS and channel protection
  • Enabled for ultra-long spans and hut skipping
  • Purely passive CWDM or DWDM applications
  • Remote network termination
  • Tunable laser transponder (full C-band) for fast provisioning of transparent end-to-end services and reduced spares cost
  • Remote access and highly effective automation: No system-specific know-how or laptop required for any on-site installation, commissioning, provisioning
  • “Flight recorder”: Download all diagnostic data from NE with single mouse click for fast troubleshooting
  • Full G.709 implementation enables OTH functionality including endto- end provisioning and management of wavelengths across multiple vendor sub-net-works
  • NEBS3 compliant

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